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Flavia R.
Mayra M.
Newton N.
Juliana A.
Maycon F.
Driely B.
Sergio L.
Douglas G.
Rogério S.
Daniel F.
Cibele A.
Kaio C.

I began my Classes with Len as a Beginner student  with so much fear and very insecure. Quickly I started to feel much more confident and loose!!!

I passed through many schools and English courses till I found Len and began my Classes with him. He changed completely my perspective and improved my English. 

My goals were to improve my English in order to make an Exchange course in the US. 

I stayed in Denver for 3 months and when I came back I continued my classes with Len. 

I just love to talk but I had difficulty to express myself in English. Len has a way to teach that I had never experienced before.

We´ve known each other for such a long time. Now we are buddies!

Laugh and learn at the same time. Never had so much fun to attend an English class!

I couldn´t get out from the beginner level. There went years and years of useless Schools and English courses. 

I was an Intermediate student when I met Len. I needed to improve my English for a Job interview. I was hired plus Len´s tips  were so valuable!

I´m a Lawyer and to learn English was a challenge in my life.

After one year of Classes with Len now I can communicate and express myself.

I am making an Exchange course in the US and I left Brazil much more confident and outgoing.

If you really want t learn English, call Len and schedule your first Class. After a month you become his fan.

Conversation classes were my goal. Such interesing topics. Time flies...

I come from far to have classes with Len. I had to discontinue my classes for some months but now I´m back again! :)

Len prepared me for a job interview. After that I never let him go...

A Friend of mine intoduced me to Len. Dinamic classes and fast results. I was speaking English in no time at all!

I had a basic English and tried different methodologies and Teachers. Nowadays I have only conversation Classes to mantain my investment updated.

I just have to say: I wish I had met Len many years before... I would have saved so much money and time!

Hi Len! I´m so happy to participate in your website! Thx for all.


Len!!! I miss our chats!!! Let´s get together for a coffee sometime!

Marcos A.

I was looking foward to improving my conversation skills. Besides, Len´s classes are so interesting, dinamic and so much fun!

In 6 months I passed from Beginner to Intermediate. Now I can speak and understand so much more. I´m so happy and confident.

I had booked a trip to Dublin. My English became more and more fluent. Len emphasizes in pronunciation. 

If you really want to speak English fluently you have to experience having classes with Len. His technique is amazing!!!

Were was I all those years, spending money for nothing in expensive schools and not learning anything!!!

I needed English for my work and I had difficulty to understand and speak on the phone. I resolved this problem so fast and now I speak naturally.

I have Classes with Len for many years. We talk about different topics and I practice not to lose my fluency.

I love to travel and I had problems to communicate with fluency. I speak English now as well as I speak Portuguese!!!

Guilherme S.
Roger S.
Ana F.
Erika S.
Felipe R.
Bruno P.
Thays C.
Renato A.
Jodi  U
Telki U.
Nadia H.
Priscila L.
Elis A.
André R.
Chaianne A.
André P,
Milene F.
Renan N.
Luis T.
Marcia S.
Glaucia B.
André L,
Mauricio A.
Lucas M,
Jordan T.

My English progressed so fast. I can´t believe I learned so fast. Now we have conversation classes mixed with

Len´s methodology

I met Len many years ago. I started as a beginner Student and now I´m High Intermediate. His system is incredible and my English gets better every class!

Fluency... This is what I got in the last 2 years since I´ve been having classes with Len! I highly recommend him to my friends and acquaintances!!!

I come to class after work but even so tired I learn so much. Len´s class is dinamic and it`s exactly what I need.

I passed through many English schools and Private Teachers. The way Len gives classes is totally different from what I´ve seen and learned in the past.

My job requires a very fluent English. I work in the Design area and I always need to use my English with people who come from abroad. 

I´m a Video Gamer so I have exhibitions and conferences in other countries. I tried to learn alone for many years but honestly my English was never good. Now I´m much more confident and talkative!

I had difficultiy to speak and understand peolple on the phone. I used to get nervous and tensed. I now speak up naturally and I almost forget that I´m speaking in English!!!

Trips and Business English. It was´t easy at all to express myself correctly and fully understand the language. My pronunciation is so much better and in the office my Director noticed my evolution!

I´m a Musician and English is of course essencial on my trips. I can communicate easily with foreign peolple and I understand much better films.

I´ve always had difficulty in learning English and I thought I would never learn! Len motivates me 100% and finally I can understand practically everything peolple say to me.

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